Cuba Guider

Prices disclosed here share the means of transportation, i do private group tours. Read carefully the FAQs section hereunder thus you understand the way i work.


  • How to do the booking?

    You contact us through email(best way) or phone call and we shall address all your requests. Always remember to mention important details such as date, number of passengers and chosen activity/tour. We will answer as soon as possible, booking only takes couple of steps but keep in mind we reply/manage a lot of emails therefore we need your patience.
  • How do we meet at port?

    The CubaGuider representative will use or wear a sign at all times when greeting the clients at port. If the person doesnt have such item then that person isnt related to us at all, thus be careful and verify you have the right representative. We meet at port right after the cruiseship docks, the meeting point is displayed with diagrams and maps under each tour.
  • How to do the tipping and how much?

    Clients will always do the tipping separately to guides and drivers, and they will tip any amount they consider is right.
  • Are we OFAC approved?

    Yes, under the category of "Support for the Cuban people". You can book our service. Nevertheless Cubaguider tour agency (freelance) is registered in Canada, which means either US citizens have booked prior or after June 17th 2017 doesnt represent an issue to hire us.
  • What currency should you bring?

    You should bring any currency but American one in order to avoid the 10% penalty after they have applied the exchange rates at the bank office, Euros is our suggestion.
  • Who should book our service?

    There's walking involved, under the regular cuban weather thus is going to be hot, be sure you will be able to handle this therefore we dont get delayed on schedule.
  • What means of transportation do we use?

    Due to the new rules implemented for transportation sector we use 6-seat and 4-seat old classic cars and modern cars also, some with AC, depending on availability. The group is distributed according availability. If you like to order specific transportation another price will be arranged. Contact us for pricing.
  • What do clients get with this price?

    Prices here disclosed for cruiseship tours are offered for a group up to 20 passengers distributed among several cars according availability.
  • What do Cruiseship clients pay for in US?

    When clients buy a CRUISESHIP PACKAGE to visit Cuba, whether they are US citizens or not, they PAY for a VISA which allows them to get off the ship freely without any blockage from the cruiseship staff. Unfortunately, they realize this after they have been forced to book the cruiseship tours in advance when they book their package swayed by the same sales officers who take advantage of the misinformation due to the new regulations released to travel to Cuba followed by US citizens. US citizens can totally book private tours at port in the private sector.
  • How the new rules for the transportation sector will affect our service and prices?

    The new rules for transporation sector will take effect after december 7th but they are being implemented at the moment, prices are subjected to them and prices are expected to rise a bit, but we have to wait and see. We will make all the efforts to find ways to keep them steady and competitive. Dont let this stop you from booking with us since this will affect everyone on the tourism sector.