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Duration: +- 6 hours/day
Location: Havana city
Price: 210 CUC EACH (2 days included)
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One of the first 7 villages ever founded in Cuba and the current capital, this city never sleeps, theres always some noise at the nightclubs and bars, is literally the most important city in Cuba. A place which is turning into a Cosmopolitan Metropolis without losing its caribbean flavor. Habana offers one of the biggest and best preserved old districts with beautiful architechure and facades, mixed with interesting history. Sightseeing wont be boring at all with our culture’s hospitality.
WAY POINTS (Admission fees included)
Cigar Factory Romeo y Julieta | Walking tour in Old District |  Armery April 9th Museum  | Fort El Morro or Fort La Cabaña | Fine Arts Museum | Napoleonic Museum | Christopher Columbus Cemetery  |  Revolution Museum and Granma Memorial  |  Hemingway’s room Museum  |  Rum Museum


Itinerary (within 2 days during day time)

Visit to a cigar factory, you will have a unique opportunity to visit one of Havana’s oldest and most paradigmatic cigar factory ‘Romeo y Julieta’ that has kept its original essence for decades. Hundreds of workers toil long hours every day rolling some of the most famous cigars in the world as Montecristos and Cohibas. The spirit of this building along with the fragrance and aroma of the finest cigars will captivate and delight your senses.

Four square walking tour in Old District, explore Havana Vieja’s(Old Havana) world by strolling through its mosaics of art-deco, colonial baroque and neoclassical architecture. Dip into its colonial streets between the four main squares, this is going to be a pleasant walk, less than 2km in length, where you will enjoy the highlights of Havana’s unique historical district.

Armery April 9th Museum, an interesting armery which displays Fidel Castro’s guns personal collection among other guns used by the revolutionaries while fighting for the independance during the 50’s.

Old Havana’s forts (ParqueHistoricoMilitar Morro-Cabaña), trapped in time Havana’s forts unfold the secrets of an era wars, located on the other side of the harbor, both fortresses are included in the Habana Vieja UNESCO World Heritage Site. The spectacular views from the other side of the bay and the magnificence of one of the most emblematic setting of this city -Havana’s Lighthouse – make those spots a must-see.

Fine Arts Museum, according with the latest trends for art displaying, conservation and restoration of the epoch and considered one of the best museums of the western hemisphere. The 3 stories are communicated by stairs, ramps, elevators and distributed around an inner yard surrounded by galleries at the main floor. Now the museum is an exponent of genuine Cuban art. The exhibit is arranged in chronological order starting on the third floor.

Napoleonic Museum, without any doubt this is one of the best museums in Havana, by definition, Cuba. The attractions of this museum include both its architecture and the vast collection of more than 7000 objects associated with the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Christopher Columbus Cemetery, this imposing opened- air museum is the most important cemetery in Cuba and one of the largest in America. Those who love funeral art will be fascinated by the splendor of the manifold variety of elaborate marble statues.

Revolution Museum and Granma Memorial, it is housed in where once was located the former Presidential Palace of the Republic of Cuba. This revolutionary site was constructed between 1913 and 1920. The world-famous Tiffany’s of New York interior and the gorgeous Room of Mirrors. The museum itself descends chronologically from the top floor to the present days, most of the labels are written in English and Spanish. In front of the edification rises a fragment of the former city wall, as well as an SAU-100 tank used by Fidel Castro during the invasion in 1961 battle in The Bay of Pigs. In the space behind you’ll find the Granma’s Pavilion, a memorial to the 18m yacht that carried Fidel with 81 revolutionaries from Mexico in December of 1956.

Hotel Ambos Mundos and Hemingway’s room museum, the hotel decks with its elegance one of the corners of Obispo street. The building is found in the lower section of this paradigmatic, colonial pedestrian street among a row of edifications considering the oldest townhouses in Havana dating from 1570s. In the 1930s this place used to be one of Hemingway’s hangouts. During several periods of his stay in Cuba the writer made one room on the fifth floor his dewlling, while there he wrote many of his world famous books. At the present the room has become a museum.

Rum Museum, it is located in the Havana Club Foundation. The museum sits opposite side of Havana harbor and it shows rum-making antiquities and the complex brewing process. A not overgenerous measure of rum is included in the price.

Throughout the tour the clients can enjoy a lunch break at one of the local restaurants they like and try some typical food and drinks.

* At least 4 passengers are needed for this tour.




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