Cuba Guider
Duration: +/- 8 hours
Location: Santiago de Cuba
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One of the first 7 villages ever founded in Cuba and the first capital Cuba had, this city holds so much history, idiosyncrasy, customs and culture. Santiago de Cuba is the second most important city of Cuba exhibiting beautiful landscaping in composition with natural and urban elements. Crib of the African religion shows to the visitors so many dances and rituals, plus where rhythms like ‘son’, ‘bolero’ and ‘trova’ were born which form nowadays part of our national culture. Place where every year is held ‘El Carnaval Santiaguero’ and ‘La Fiesta del Fuego’. You will have a very busy and fun tour if you end up going to Santiago de Cuba!
Revolution Square ‘Antonio Maceo Grajales’ (extra entry fee 1cuc/client)   |   Moncada Garrison (extra entry fee 2cuc/client)   |   Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Square   |   Diego Velázquez’s home (extra entry fee 2cuc/client)   |   Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral   |   Casagranda Hotel   |   Bacardí Museum (extra entry fee 2cuc/client)   |   Carnival Museum (extra entry fee 1cuc/client)   |   Dolores Square   |   Marte Square   |   Santa Ifigenia Cemetery (extra entry fee 3cuc/client)   |   Santiago de Cuba port   |   Castillo San Pedro de la Roca “El Morro” (extra entry fee 4cuc/client)


Pick up time at resort upon your request, drive the country side road to Santiago de Cuba while enjoying the scenery. Start the tour at Revolution Square Antonio Maceo y Grajales (known as The Bronze Titan), dedicated to the local hero and one of the most important figures of our entire history.

Enjoy a panoramic visit of the Hatuey brewery, the first brewery the Bacardi clan owned since 1927, it is still operational nowadays.

Move next to the international wide known Santa Ifigenia cemetery where the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz is burried, close to Jose Marti’s gravesite (Cuba’s apostle).

Afterwards visit the interesting barracks Cuartel Moncada (today City School 26th of July) that Fidel attacked on july 26th of 1953, where many soldiers lost their lives and the event that served as preamble for the historic document ‘The History will absolve me’ written by Fidel Castro.

Follow the tour closer to downtown where the Museum Emilio Bacardi Moreau is located since 1927, with a vast collection of items from the 10 Years War (from 1868 to 1878), the Spanish-Cuban-American war in 1898, international ancient history and interesting information on the Bacardi family tree, the clan that founded the Bacardi brand(rum).

Then move along towards Carlos Manuel de Cespedes square, Santiago de Cuba’s downtown to enjoy the daily ambiance.

Visit the Santiago de Cuba cathedral Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion founded in 1522, witness of earthquakes, Pirates’ attacks and several weather disasters.

Sightsee (panoramic) the balcony at the City Hall from which Fidel Castro spoke to the cuban people days after the Cuban Revolution triumphed and also the Hotel Casa Granda, a colonial hotel founded in the XIX century which later on belonged to the ‘Cuba Railroad Company’, this Hotel was host of important figures as Babe Ruth( baseball player), Jose Raul Capablanca(chess player), Ernesto Lecuona(piano player and composer), Alicia Alonso(prima ballerina assoluta) and Rosita Fornes(famous actress).

Discover the history behind the Diego de Velazquez’s house, one of the first houses to be built in the XIV century, totally renovated with a vast collection of Imperial Style furniture and original architecture.

Keep on to the San Juan Hill monument, place where the San Juan Hill battle happened in 1898, battle that after won by the american and cuban troops made Spain surrender the country over to the americans on the island.

And last but not least important, the Fortress ‘San Pedro de la Roca’ or ‘El Morro’ how is known world-wide, this masterpiece of the cuban architecture was founded in 1638 and took them several years to be complete, served its purpose to protect the Santiago de Cuba city and the bay as well, from pirates’ attacks and invaders.

Throughout the tour the clients can enjoy a lunch break at one of the local restaurants they like and try some typical food and drinks.

Return home after we have completed your chosen itinerary.



At Carnival Museum watching an African ritual


Enjoying some street musicians' show


Inside the Culture House watching a band


Santa Ifigenia cemetery


Clients participating with the musical group 'Los jubilados del Caribe'


Santiago de Cuba's Cathedral


Máximo Francisco Repilado's (Compay Segundo) grave


Peeling sugar cane to make 'Guarapo'


Sunset at the harbor


Antonio Maceo's statue at the Revolution Square


At the harbor's sofa


Cargo ship at the harbor


Walking around at the harbor's boulevard


Mural at the harbor


In front of Velázquez's Balcony


In front of the Chapel San Basilio Magno


Diego Velázquez's house


Revolution's Square


Moncada Garrison (today city school)


At San Pedro de la Roca Fortress (El Morro)